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BikeTrak demos to President Obama!

We are BikeTrak.

Our mission is simple: Thwart bicycle theft and give cyclists peace of mind. Whether a bike is left unattended for a few minutes outside the coffee shop, or all day in a public bike rack, BikeTrak™ is one key, patent-pending, part in a bicyclists' effort to reduce the probability of theft and increase the probability of recovery. In addition, BikeTrak provides ride tracking information for performance, fitness, and safety.

We believe in community and are listening to cyclists of all types to address a wide range of environments and scenarios. BikeTrak™ anti-theft technology provides alert and tracking functions in an elegant and rugged design.

We are currently in the final stages of development.

As we progress we’ll connect to bicycle registries and social media to notify the community of stolen bikes and download the information needed to file police and insurance reports. We'll connect to the most popular fitness and safety tracking apps to provide location, time, elevation, performance, and other ride information.

We welcome your feedback and ask you to stay engaged while we complete our development.

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